Mindray Resona R9 Platinum Edition

Integrating a variety of innovative multi-parametric tools with a new level of image clarity, Resona R9 Platinum Edition is taking a new leap for both clinical routine and research purposes.


What's New at A Glance

whats new

It releases.
With a new level of image clarity

Linear Transducer L15-3WU

Empowered by high performance piezoelectric composites, L15-3WU provides ultra-wideband and superior sensitivity in ultrasound imaging.

Varicocele Glazing Flow


Ultra Micro Angiography (UMA)

UMA improves diagnostic confidence by expanding the visibility into blood flows to the minute vessel level with superior blood flow sensitivity and resolution.

sUMA Kidney
pUMA Breast Mass
sUMA Thyroid Cancer


It progresses.
With innovative multi-parametric imaging tools

Globally, an estimated 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic liver disease, claiming 2 million lives each year. Liver disease is one of the common cause of death globally with alarming increase in the total annual deaths. In response, Resona R9 Platinum Edition offers multi-parametric ultrasound liver solution that facilities early detection, treatments and follow-ups of chronic liver disease and liver cancer.

Multi-Parametric Fatty Liver Lab

Multi-parametric fatty liver lab provides multiple quantitative analysis tools which is based on different acoustic technologies. It enables quantitative analysis of steatosis, and improves the sensitivity of fatty liver detection in early stage.

UltraSound ATtenuation Analysis (USAT) HepatoRenal Index+(HRI+) Liver Texture Index (LTI)
UltraSound ATtenuation Analysis (USAT)
Moderate steatosis Mean: 0.79
HepatoRenal Index
Severe steatosis HRI+ : 1.79
Liver Texture Index
Severe steatosis LTI: 3.45


Advanced CEUS

New CEUS Quantication Analysis

  • 4-6 times faster than traditional abdominal CEUS
  • More confident in tumor diagnosis
  • Great potential for tumor character research More accurate ablation


Ultrasound guided Hepatic Interventional Therapy (uHIT)

The advanced fusion-based 3D ablation tool elevates your liver percutaneous ablation procedure to the next level. The 3D ablation planning and 3D ablation guidance enable more accurate and intuitive 3D view planning with less experience dependency. The 3D ablation evaluation provides no dead-end 3D ablation evaluation instantly.

uHIT Navi Liver HCC

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy diagnosed globally. It is the first common cause of cancer death in women. The early detection of breast cancer is critical because patients with early stages have a better prognosis. In response, the Resona R9 Platinum Edition offers the multi-parametric ultrasound breast solution that facilitates early detection of breast cancer, accurate diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and cutting-edge clinical research.

M-Reference Multi-Parametric Analysis Tools

M-Ref. C&E M-Ref. E Compare
M-Ref. C&E Breast Malignant
M-Ref. C&E Breast Malignant
M-Ref. E Compare Breast Malignant
M-Ref. E Compare Breast Malignant
M-Ref. C&E supports displaying the contrast and STE in one plane for comparative assessment of perfusion and elasticity. M-Ref. E Compare supports displaying both the real-time strain elastography and STE in one plane for tissue stiffness evaluation.


Advanced CEUS

UWN+(Ultra-Wideband Non-linear) CEUS New CEUS Quantication Analysis
CEUS Breast Malignant
CEUS Breast Malignant
New CEUS QA Breast Malignant
New CEUS QA Breast Malignant

By utilizing both the 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, UWN+ enables high sensitivity of bubble signals and longer contrast perfusion with lower MI, to help for tumor assessments.

The time-intensity curve enables quantitative analysis of CEUS imaging. The New CEUS QA provides cutting-edge quantitative analysis tools to help for tumor assessments and clinical research.


HD Scope

Improve the detail information and image contrast on specific area, especially useful for the boundary and inner structure display

HD Scope
HD Scope
Smart Breast MalignantSmart Breast Malignant

Smart Breast

Smart Breast is a breast ultrasound analysis and reporting tool to make the clinical routine of breast ultrasounds more accurate and productive. The systematic multi-lesion management and four-planes assessment further guarantee more diagnostic information. Meanwhile, the streamlined automated workflow improves the efficiency in breast scanning.

Strain Elastography

  • High sensitivity, productivity, penetration and accuracy
  • Unique “shell” for tumor's infiltration area analysis

Strain Elastography


Post Ablation Evaluation

UWN+ Contrast Imaging

Detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generating images with:

  • Excellent agent sensitivity even with low signal
  • Longer perfusion time with lower MI
  • Better visualization of tiny vessel perfusion with MFE (Micro Flow Enhancement)


Smart Thyroid

Thyroid is a thyroid analysis and reporting tool to make the clinical routine of thyroid exams more accurate and productive.

Smart Thyroid Nodule
Smart Thyroid Nodule

It senses.
Ensuring a better user experience

Resona R9 Platinum Edition is innovatively designed with end users in mind. It features a 23.8" HD monitor, a 13.3" HD gesture control touch screen, lifting arms and a six-direction floating panel to enable an agile, smart and intuitive user experience beyond your expectations.


23.8” Bigger LED monitor

· 8-bit true color
· Up to 350 nits in brightness
· Auto brightness compensation


Image Gallery

Breast Mass cUMA

Breast Mass cUMA

Breast Mass

Liver Lesions

Lymph Nodes sUMA

MSK Leison sUMA

Testicle UMA

Breast Mass CEUS

Varicocele Glazing Flow sUMA

Breast Mass CEUS

Kidney PUMA

Liver Mass CEUS USAT S0

L15-3WU Breast Mass E Compare

Liver Mass CEUS