Mindray Nuewa R9 Platinum edition

Integrating a variety of innovative multi-parametric tools with a new level of image clarity, Nuewa R9 is taking a new leap for both clinical routine and research purposes.

It releases.
With a new level of image clarity

Linear Transducer L15-3WU

Empowered by high performance piezoelectric composites, L15-3WU provides ultra-wideband and superior sensitivity in ultrasound imaging.

Varicocele Glazing Flow


Ultra Micro Angiography (UMA)

UMA improves diagnostic confidence by expanding the visibility into blood flows to the minute vessel level with superior blood flow sensitivity and resolution.

sUMA Kidney
pUMA Breast Mass
sUMA Thyroid Cancer


It progresses.
With innovative multi-parametric imaging tools

Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka1
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka2
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka3
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka4
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka5
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka6
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka7
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka8
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka9
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka10
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka11
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka12
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka13
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka14
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka15
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka16
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka17
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka18
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka19
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka20
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka21
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka22
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka23
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka24
Nuewa R9 - gynecology - Snímka25
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Smart FLC

Smart FLC automatically detects the number of follicles and calculates each volume from a 3D ovarian volume image, assuring accurate assessment of follicles, essential for IVF exams.

Smart ERA

With more intelligent algorithm, Smart ERA is able to effectively detect anatomical structures with even weak boundaries, such as endometrium. In addition, comprehensive assessment of vascular footprint and blood flow intensity in the target area is provided to ensure more diagnostic information.

Sound Touch Elastography

Integrated with Mindray’s exclusive Ultra-wide Beam Tracking technology, STE provides real time 2D shear wave elastography with professional measurement tools for comprehensive quantitative elastic analysis. Meanwhile, the operator independent STE ensures good reproducibility and brings highly consistent quantitative elastic results.

UWN+ Contrast Imaging

UWN+ (Ultra-Wideband Non-linear Plus) CEUS enables the Nuewa R9 to detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generating significantly enhanced images, resulting in greater sensitivity and longer agent duration for better understanding of the GYN diseases.

3D/4D Hycosy (Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography )

A simple and well-tolerated ultrasound procedure used to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, as well as detect abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium.

Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka1
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka2
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka3
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka4
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka5
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka6
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka7
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka8
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka9
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka10
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka11
Nuewa R9 - pregnancy - Snímka12
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Smart Planes CNS

Mindray’s exclusive pioneering technology to allow fully automatic and accurate detection of the most significant planes and frequently used measurements of fetal CNS, leading to intelligent diagnosis, improved throughput, and reduced user dependency. Smart Planes CNS provides a user-friendly tool that greatly improves scanning efficiency through increased accuracy coupled with automated operation. With a simple button click on a 3D fetal brain volume image, the standard CNS scanning planes (MSP, TCP, TTP and TVP) and a range of related anatomical measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, TCD, CM andLVW) are obtained immediately.

Dandy Walker & ACC Abnormal CM with Suspected Dandy Walker Syndrome

Smart Planes CNS ______________ MRI

Smart Planes CNS ______________ MRI


Smart Face

Acquiring an optimal view of the fetal face in 3DUS is cumbersome and time-consuming. In some cases, it is impossible to get rid of the occlusions such as cord, placenta, uterus, and extremities. Smart Face provides a fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with simple one-touch operation. It can immediately remove occlusions in the volume data and eliminate unwanted noise information, and generate an optimal view of the fetal face with minimized effort.

Smart ICV

Using deep learning mechanism for fetal brain segmentation, Smart ICV realizes fully automatic measurement for fetal intra-cranial volume study. With minimum user manipulation, Smart ICV offers the most intelligent and efficient ICV measurement with guaranteed accuracy.

Smart OB/NT

Automatic measurements of the most frequently examined parameters, including BPD, HC, FL, AC, OFD and even NT as early as 11 weeks, are available with a single click for higher productivity and reproducibility.

Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka1
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka2
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka3
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka4
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka5
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka6
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka7
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka8
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka9
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka10
Nuewa R9 - postpartum - Snímka11
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Smart Pelvic

Realizing the increasing importance of ultrasound diagnosis on pelvic floor disorders, Smart Pelvic provides a new solution to greatly simplify the operation procedures, and to minimize the exam time for a standardized evaluation on pelvic floor. With extremely simple user-interaction, it generates a standard coordinate system and automatically provides all related measurements within a few seconds.

It senses.
Ensuring a better user experience

Resona R9 Platinum Edition is innovatively designed with end users in mind. It features a 23.8" HD monitor, a 13.3" HD gesture control touch screen, lifting arms and a six-direction floating panel to enable an agile, smart and intuitive user experience beyond your expectations.


23.8” Bigger LED monitor

· 8-bit true color
· Up to 350 nits in brightness
· Auto brightness compensation


Image Gallery

Excellent detailed resolution on a 9-week fetus with iLive

iLive with Hyaline more vivid display on leg muscles

Cleft lip and palate on a 26-week fetus

A vivid fetal face with iLive

High definition 3D image of 15-week fetus with proboscis

Hyaline exposing the fifth embryo

Smart NT measurement

Butterfly sign with excellent definition

Excellent detailed and contrast resolution on fetal...

Excellent color profile with HR Flow on fetal aortic arch

Uterine Diverticulum with Hyaline

Ovarian chocolate cyst with iLive

3D reconstruction of levator hiatus

Excellent uniformity on ovary